Creating an Apple ID

Apple ID is a must have to install, update, delete apps and backup data on an iPad. Here are the steps to create a free Apple ID from an iPad. Tap Settings/iCloud. If another iCloud account is already signed-in on the iPad, just tap Delete Account it will ask if you want to keep the accounts data on the iPad.
Tap Get A Free Apple ID

  • Apple will ask you for your Location and birthdate. Apple ID users must be 13 years or older. Tap Next
  • Next Choose Get a free iCloud email address. Create and enter the classroom name in the email box. Enter your name and create a password for your Apple ID account. Please take note of the password restrictions and Please Document this account information.

  • Scroll down and Agree with the iCloud EUlA
  • You now have an account. To finish the process of making the Apple ID you can tap Settings/Store. If the iPad is already signed-in with an account Tap on the account and choose Sign Out. Then Tap Sign In Using Existing Apple ID and enter your account information. You will then be asked to confirm your Country, agree to the iTunes Store EULA and fill out your Account Settings.

  • The iTunes Store billing information should appear. Choose None for the Billing Information. Enter your school or personal information into the Billing Address. Title, Address, City, State, Zip and a phone number. You may goto your classroom account anytime in the future and add iTunes or app store gift cards to the account.

    Your new Apple ID is ready to use at the App Store for downloading apps.