iPad Home Button

home button wakes the device and presents the unlock screen. This screen is static and you will have to swipe it every time you want to use the iPad. Once unlocked the device shows a screen with application icons on it. This is known as the Springboard. When the iPad is unlocked each time it will open to the springboard screen that was last used. Clicking the Home button takes the springboard to the Home Screen.

Springboard has eleven screens. your can navigate by swiping left or right on the touch screen depending on which screen the springboard is on. Each springboard screen can hold around twenty app icons

Making Folders The springboard allows users to tap and hold on any app until the springboard starts folder mode. In this mode all apps on the springboard will began to wiggle. Dragging an app onto another app creates a folder with the option of naming the folder something representing the apps inside it. Click the Home Button to exit folder mode.

The iPad home button is a round multi-clickable button the face of the iPad. Read about all the things the Home button can do with Apple's iPad User Guide.