iTunes is one of the top ways to capture content on the Internet. If you are familiar with iTunes on a computer then you should be pretty comfortable using iTunes on an iOS device like the iPad. An iTunes account is for authenticating to Apples iTune, App, iBook and Mac app stores.

iTunes has free, purchase and rentable digital content such as Movies, TV Shows, Music, Podcasts, among other things. All contained in an easy to use piece of software. All you need to get started is a free iTunes account available Here.

iTunes can be used to manage an iOS device. iPads come with a sync cable, one end connects to the iPad the other end connects to a USB connection to the computer. The iPad can also be managed fairly well solo as it has network capabilities. The advantage of syncing the iPad with a computer is you have a backup of the device.

iTunes will also automatically sync with iTunes on your computer wirelessly. Syncing Apps, Music, Movies, Podcasts, Books and more. Learn how HERE.

Apple iTunes website Link.