iPad Tips

One important object when working with iPads is always the Apple ID account. Without an Apple ID account you cannot install apps. Since iTunes is very popular and has been around for so long most people have an itunes account already.

With classroom iPads we must create new Apple ID accounts that are not related to any personal iTunes accounts we have already.

One way to create a new classroom Apple ID account on the iPad is go into Settings Then tap iCloud. From there Tap on Get a Free Apple ID.

Apple's free email address is Yourclassroomname@icloud.com.This email address will become your Classroom Apple ID. The process is quick and needs the following information.

The Apple ID may contain the location of your school with its initials or District # and maybe your lastname.

You can create whatever email you like as long as you remember it and the Password. The Password needs to be at least eight characters long and have at least one number, Upper and Lowercase letter(s).

Once done... you now have a classroom Apple ID for use on iTunes, iCloud and App Store. congratulations